How Writing Works: an Interview with Roslyn Petelin

QWC interviewed Australia’s grammar guru, Associate Professor Roslyn Petelin, on the importance of grammar for writers …   First of all: what is good writing? Writing that fulfils the reader’s needs and is appropriate for its genre and its context. Writing that’s coherent and compelling; writing that’s free of clichés, gobbledygook, redundancy, verbosity, and rambling sentence more

Domestic Noire, two cats, a dog, and a rabbit

Interviewer: Kathy George

Kathy George talks to KIM LOCK, author of Like I Can Love, published by Pan Macmillan in March. Kim was a participant of QWC’s 2013 Hachette Manuscript Development Program and went on to sign a two-book deal with Pan Macmillan Australia, with rights also sold to the UK and Germany.   How did you research Like more

The Two of Us – Diversity & Collaboration in Co-Writing ‘Hijabi Girl’

Hazel Edwards OAM and Ozge Alkan

Ozge Alkan, school librarian at an Islamic College in Melbourne, was asked by students for a young girl character in a hijab they could dress up as for their Book Parade. Unable to fulfill the request, however, Ozge asked author Hazel Edwards, whom she met at a professional development event for Teacher-Librarians, ‘Could you write one?’ Thus began more

From prose to poetry – an interview with Ellen van Neerven

Ellen van Neerven

Tell us a bit about your new poetry collection, Comfort Food. Comfort Food is inspired by food, and what it means to us, our families, our relationships with each other. The poems are about identity, sovereignty and love. You’ve had a long and exciting career in fiction already. What got you into writing, and what’s more

Portable Curiosities – an interview with Julie Koh

Julie Koh

QWC spoke with Australian fiction writer, Julie Koh, about short story writing …   Tell us a bit about your new collection, Portable Curiosities. Portable Curiosities is a bunch of surreal, satirical short stories. Many of them are set in an alternate Australia, filled with killer ice-cream trucks, 1,200-storey glass towers and separatist cat cafés. The stories more

Get Set, Everybody – Katie Rowney talks to Claire Varley and Kirsty Eagar about setting

Katie Rowney

One of the beautiful things about a good book is the ability to travel from your armchair. A book can act as a passport to another country, another time – even another world. And in some books, the setting is as much of a character as the novel’s protagonist. What would Harry Potter be without more

Conversation with Cory Taylor on Dying

Lesley Synge

Novelist Cory Taylor (Me and Mister Booker and My Beautiful Enemy) was diagnosed with melanoma in 2005, just before her fiftieth birthday. In December 2014, she suffered a seizure and underwent surgery to remove a brain tumour. She had to face the obvious – that death was not far away. On the eve of two more

Panels and Shopfronts: an interview with Junky Comics

WQ Online

We spoke to Junky Comics owner, Vlada Edirippulige, about the challenges and triumphs of opening a new independent comic book store in Brisbane in 2015, and what their first year of business has looked like.   Tell us a bit about Junky Comics! Junky is a comic book store in West End that specialises in alternative more

Emergency: Real Stories from Australia’s ED Doctors

WQ Online

We were thrilled to interview Dr. Peter Aitken ahead of the launch of Emergency: Real Stories from Australia’s ED Doctors. Peter Aitken is a Queensland-based Emergency Physician with a special interest in disaster medicine. Apart from clinical shifts in the Emergency Department he has also worked in aeromedical retrieval services, disaster response, academic roles in universities as more

Marianne de Pierres on Narrative Voice

WQ Online

WQ: What attracted you to genre fiction and how did you get started? MdP: I’ve been reading genre all my life, and I’m attracted to the fact that genre novels usually contain strong narrative drive, distinctive worlds, characters I can relate to, and meaningful conclusions. I find that fiction that is solely about the writer’s more

Interview with Screenwriter, Vicki Englund

WQ Online

We spoke to screenwriter, Vicki Englund about her inspiration, writing for different mediums and romantic comedies.    

Marianne de Pierres on switching genres and cross medium storytelling

WQ Online

We talked to award-winning author, Marianne de Pierres about starting out, worldbuilding and her tips for aspiring and emerging writers.     Want more? Marianne is speaking at Transmedia Storytelling in Brisbane on Thursday 20 August. For more information, visit

Dawn Richards on Self-Publishing

WQ Online

What made you decide to self-publish your first book? I was motivated to write my first book, Selection Criteria Toolkit, when I saw how difficult it was for applicants to make any sense of selection criteria when applying for a government job. My writing tutor at the Ashgrove library in Brisbane was also a family more

N&A Lochel on Self-Publishing

WQ Online

What made you decide to self-publish the Zarkora Series? To write full-time for one of the major publishers has always been our ultimate dream, and the reason why we decided to self-publish the Zarkora series. We were well aware of the slim odds of getting discovered in publishers’ slush piles and we felt that our more

Mez Breeze on Transmedia and Gaming Narratives

Sophie Overett

What was the initial appeal of digital narratives for you? When starting to work with digital narratives in 1995, the allure was based around: 1) the ease and excitement of collaboration and 2) the novelty and newness of using the internet to create networked and interactive fiction. My first attempts to create digital narratives were more

Commercial Fiction Publishing with Random House’s Beverley Cousins

WQ Online

How did you get started in publishing? I actually did a degree in Film Studies and English Literature, hoping to work in the movies! But just after I graduated I saw an ad in the paper for an editorial assistant at Pan Macmillan in London and luckily got the job. Then I worked my way more

Documentary Filmmaking with Chris Carroll

WQ Online

What made you decide to become a documentary filmmaker? Happenstance. I was for 20+ years a Producer/Project Officer with Education Queensland involved in the development and production of multimedia teaching and learning resource materials. From the mid to late 90’s the media unit was slowly downsized. I resigned in 2000, but was contracted back for more