Effective Dialogue: It’s Speech, Jim, But Not as We Know It!

Angela Slatter

An essential component of any story, long or short, is the dialogue. Dialogue is very important because it’s the chance for our characters to speak. They speak to each other, to the reader, to their deities, enemies, loved ones, friends, the strangers who wander across the landscape of the tale and leave important details behind more

Three Things You Should be Doing with your Rights

Peter M Ball

The most useful advice I’ve been given as a writer had nothing to do with craft. It came from an established writer years into their career, and it came down to a simple task: track the rights in an excel document. Do one for every story, every novel. I’m not sure why this stuck with more

Magic Fish Dreaming – How to Crowd Fund a Poetry Book

Dr June Perkins

Friends who had lived in the Far North once told me, ‘when you live there and then leave again, your heart never really leaves the place.’ That’s just what I found when working on a collection of poetry, Magic Fish Dreaming. What I didn’t realise was that this collection was going to be especially for children more

Diversifying Writing Income

Fiona Crawford

In a perfect world, I’d be a hermit who spends her life clad in pyjamas, being paid to pen creative non-fiction books about social and environmental issues while surrounded only by a menagerie of rescued battery hens, bees and goats. While that’s the dream, it is—except for the chickens part—fairly removed from my reality. Regardless, more

How to De-Clutter your Writing

Susan McKerihan

Do you find that your writing sometimes wanders from the point or becomes unclear? You’re not alone. Most of us write from the heart, and therefore believe we’ve expressed our thoughts and ideas exactly – which makes it hard to step back and assess whether the message is clear to someone else. Readers are quick more

Track finances now – Avoid pain later

Lauren Sherritt

If there’s one rule I live by in my freelance business, it’s: Track finances now – Avoid pain later. Making the switch to freelancing can be both liberating and daunting. You have to find your own work. You have to build your own professional networks. You have to motivate yourself. You have to meet deadlines. more

How to write the perfect pitch

Estelle Tang

Pitching stories is a vital part of writing non-fiction. Whether you’re a freelancer or on staff, you’ll have to present compelling ideas in a timely and engaging way. Unfortunately, the process can feel like hacking out a part of your soul and offering it to someone. It’s an act that exposes your ambition and vulnerability more